Claudia Schmitz
Sa, 12/06/2021, 20:00 Uhr
Klangkunst / Sound Art


Global Virtual Stages - Mexico

UnStumm - Conversation of moving image and sound ( is a project of real time video and sound art, organized and curated by Nicola L. Hein (guitarist, sound artist and philosopher) and Claudia Schmitz (time-based media artist).
It focuses on the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration of video and sound artists from Germany and
abroad. The main artistic goal of UnStumm is an intermedia contemporary performance with sound and video art. The spaces of the performances are be integrated into the performances, addressed in their potential as sound and projection bodies.
The aim is to create an environment of cultural and creative exchange in the form of a real-time audiovisual
performance, in which a common, complex, transmedial artistic language is invented and used to convey narratives, textures, collisions, combinations and attractions of visual and sound worlds.
The group works on the basis of a narrative of their own choice, choosing an intercultural focus of the topic.
UnStumm is not only about bringing together artistic and technical art practices, but also about creating experiences that touch the cultures, stories and horizons of thought involved.
UnStumm | Global Virtual Stages is a Augmented Reality performance series utilizing the smartphone app UnStumm | Augmented Voyage.
It aims to develop a new vision of a real time collaborative use of AR/VR technologies in telematic performances. It creates a new approach to VR technology, which is not yet used for telematic live performances with video and sound art. UnStumm is now increasingly focusing on productions in VR and AR space. This enables an international project development and performance without physical travel.
In collaboration with programmer and media artist Sven Hahne, UnStumm is developing a platform for telematic augmented reality performances, which enables the projection of video and sound into a virtual space and thus opens up a virtual space for telematic communication between musicians and video artists from all over the world.
The audience can access and move through and around these telematic augmented reality performances via a webbased app on their own smartphone.
The download of UnStumm's smartphone app enables the audience to particpate in 3-dimensional live performances as well as the retrospective visit of past performances. Our Augmented Reality project transfers the stage space into the virtual space and integrates the real space in which the audience or the concrete user of the app is present at that moment, here using their own smartphone as 3D glasses.
Made possibly by the support of: Fonds Darstellende Künste.
Download the smartphone app here:


Alexander Bruck, Viola
Elena Pardo, 16 mm projector
Claudia Schmitz, Moving Image onto Virtual Sculpture
Nicola L. Hein, Guitar, Electronics

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