Call for Projects

Dear colleagues,

The Month of Contemporary Music invites you to discover current works by Berlin ensembles, artists and composers – in established concert halls and opera houses and in independent venues.

The inm / field notes does not organise concerts, but coordinates some individual events and manages communication surrounding and within the festival. This effectively enables the Berlin contemporary music scene to create its own collective curation, deciding for itself how to present itself. Through the framework of the Month of Contemporary Music, a broad range of activities and diversity can be presented and communicated to a wider public.

We invite ensembles, festivals, artists, organisers and venues to participate in the program.

With best regards,

the inm - initiative new music berlin e.V. / field notes

Nice to meet you

With “Nice to meet you”, the theme of this year’s Month of Contemporary Music, we want to move collectively beyond the tight circles of Berlin’s contemporary music scene into the center of society, and actually talk to each other.

How does it affect us in the long term, to be physically distant from each other, not to hug each other, not to come across each other by chance? It will be the task of culture to unlearn new social mechanisms again and to return to normal.

To encourage this connection, the Month of Contemporary Music asks all partners to think about ideas directly related to the "Nice to meet you" theme, integrating this in any format which suits each partner (ensemble, presenter, etc) and their process, presentation and/or performance. There is no rule or hierarchy; everyone can set their own priorities. As a result, each evening of the Month of Contemporary Music may specifically and concretely relate to “Nice to meet you” or only have abstract points of contact. We look forward to accompanying all our partners in this endeavour.

Become a partner of the month in contemporary music!

Everyone can participate, everyone is welcome. This principle is important to us in order to represent the broad spectrum of artistic positions in Berlin. However, this year, in order to simplify the coordination of individual events, we are relying on more intensive cooperation with participating projects through deliberate partnerships, which include agreements on the Guide to the Month of Contemporary Music, consultations in marketing and mediation, and a willingness to cooperatively promote one another.

If you would like to take part in an event in the Month of Contemporary Music and thus become a partner, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible - at the latest by 15th of June 2020 ( We can more readily consider and support projects that register early. Of course, we are always available personally for any agreements in advance.

Registration deadline: 15. June 2020

Partners can be

  • ensembles
  • festivals
  • venues / project spaces
  • institutions
  • free formations (collectives, solo artists, etc.).

The partnership with the Month of Contemporary Music includes:

  • coaching regarding "Nice to meet you" guidelines
  • consultation on the marketing and outreach strategies of partners’ individual events
  • consultation on producing partners’ individual events
  • a cooperative two-sided promotion
  • In case of cancellation of the event due to the COVID 19 pandemic, an online format (stream, short video, archive material, etc.) should be provided

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