Cedrik Fermont – Trance (Syrphe, digital) 

»Trance« was first performed by Syrphe owner Cedrik Fermont in the London creative space IKLECTIK and has subsequently been released for home use at the beginning of May via his label's Bandcamp page. The effect of the live performance on the one hand and that of intent listening at home on the other is likely to vary greatly: »Trance« offers unquestionably soothing drones over just under half an hour, which barely break through the barrier of consciousness. But this composition, though it seems so inconspicuous and almost functional, comes with a surprise, precisely: a powerful bass. In the last third of the piece, it increases in urgency and—at least with the right equipment—makes the walls vibrate. This won't work over laptop speakers and should have a completely different effect even over good headphones than when heard live in the midst of other people. But what does listening even mean here? »Trance« has to be felt physically!