Guido Möbius – A Million Magnets (Emphase)

»A Million Magnets« began as a kind of creative recycling project: during a train ride, Guido Möbius discovered previously unused recordings on his computer from a session with drummer Andrea Belfi, who had contributed some ideas to Möbius' last solo album »Batagur Baska«. Möbius took them as both source material and guideline in order to build entirely new tracks around them. They are reminiscent of the feverish noise (kraut-)rock rhythms with which the Berliner recently excelled together with drummer Andi Stecher in the projects such as G.A.M.S. or Gordan, but also, as in the case of the latter group, relies on vocal contributions by Yuko Matsuyama, Jana Plewa or Prak Chum. The result is a versatile album that preserves the improvisational character of Belfi's playing and at the same time expands it with compositional tricks. We always knew it: taking the train is the way to go.