Julia Reidy – World in World (Black Truffle, LP/digital)

Julia Reidy's music has always been difficult to categorise. Fingerpicked guitar and vocals manipulated by means of autotune technology meet in it, seeming to offer both the familiar and the alienating at once: Reidy balances between conventional forms like folk, jazz or primitive guitar music, but at the same time applies techniques from improv and sometimes even minimal traditions to let them mutate. »World in World« is a strangely catchy album in this respect. The pieces are among the shortest Reidy has written so far, and at times seem to refer explicitly to the structures and melodic conventions of pop music. However, they undermine this impression through the use of just intonation and autotune melismas. Perhaps this is what the title alludes to: here, two (musical) worlds intertwine. Reidy makes this dualism both audible and invisible—»World in World« is a synthesis of strong contrasts.