Adam Badí Donoval – Sometimes Life Is Hard And So We Should Help Each Other (The Trilogy Tapes, MC/digital)

Adam Badí Donoval is a prolific label owner who releases all kinds of exciting sound experiments via Warm Winters Ltd. that mediate between contemporary and electronic music—most recently, for example, the washed out drone experiments of LXV on the album »things that may not be connected«. With »Sometimes Life Is Hard And So We Should Help Each Other« (what a title!), however, he appears as a solo artist, though only kind of: artists and friends such as Martyna Basta or Hyperdelia co-owner Andreas Dzialocha are also involved. The result is stylistically open and atmospherically dense, offering a homely atmosphere with unheimlich undertones. Ambient music, perhaps, and yet in a certain sense the exact opposite of that: a type of music that must be listened to very intently.