Releases of the Month May

Is hate destructive per se, purely negative, unproductive? Or perhaps even the opposite of all that? In music at least, it can become a driving force that leads to creative acts of distinction and artistic rebellion against the status quo, i.e. quite productive consequences.

When the musician and artist Ivan Zoloto published a comic on Facebook in which he listed everything he hates—the term »world music«, Nazi metal, the soundtracks of Hans Zimmer, for example—he received so much love for it that he immediately turned it into a print and a T-shirt. One could argue that Zoloto is shooting at easy targets. After all, who likes Nazi metal besides, well, Nazis?

Zoloto at least proved with his recently released »Black Album« that the hatred of certain styles and clichés necessitates aesthetic counter-proposals, in this case compositions ranging from noise to contemporary and electro-acoustic music with some dub thrown in for good measure. Furthermore, the Spain-based Russian artist, donates all proceeds from the sales of these to humanitarian aid organisations in Ukraine.

In this spirit, we would like to recommend some charity compilations, the proceeds of which also benefit the people in Ukraine: »Stop the War« on the Russian label Ghost Zvuk, »Liberty« with compositions by Ukrainian artists on Flaming Pines, »ВОЛЯ« on the Muscut imprint run by Ukrainian Dmytro Nikolaienko from Estonia, »For Ocalenie« by the Polish collective Women* of Noise, »Music For Freedom: A Fundraiser For Ukraine« on Music From Memory and »Вони не пройдуть - No Pasaran!« by the Viennese institution Trost offer all kinds of exciting music. And this Google spreadsheet provides an overview of Ukrainian artists and labels.