Releases of the Month June

Time has passed more strangely than ever in these past two and a half years. Sometimes it didn't seem to pass at all, sometimes it raced by and now summer has just begun and at the same time the days are getting shorter again while we are already preparing with all our might for the Month of Contemporary Music, which not only brings the incomparable range of this city's Free Scene under one roof, but will also mark the transition from summer to autumn.

Things have also been slow recently at Human Ear Music, or HEM for short. The Berlin label founded by Jason Grier recently announced that after half a decade (!) it had relaunched its own website. In a newsletter, reasons ranging from the pandemic to the Russian war of invasion in Ukraine were listed. After all, creative work is not only subject to the passage of time, but also to current events.

But the new HEM website now offers tools for precisely this kind of work, including a sound pack for Ableton Live called Berlin Piano. This is rounded off by new and old music by the Ukrainian artist Bruegel, Michael Pisaro-Liu and Julia Holter, Lucrecia Dalt, Line Gøttsche as well as live recordings by William Basinski and a certain Morton Feldman. The website's archive and sound library also invite you to browse further, to spend a little more of the so strangely passing time on these numerous curious and unheard sounds.

As Grier himself writes at the end of his newsletter, »We go ahead, without any further delay…« to June's releases of the month. The choice was harder than ever, which is why there is more music than ever in our selection—and no books this time, though. We'll just assume that all readers have their beach reads in order already and are only missing the right soundtrack. So here are 22 music releases that are worth one or more listens—time permitting. Coincidentally, many of them deal with precisely that topic: time.