Cenk Ergün – Inseln (Sacred Realism, CD/digital)

A series of islands rising from the sea: the Turkish-American composer Cenk Ergün took this image as inspiration for his composition »Inseln«. How this correlated with the zeitgeist can be seen just from the premiere date in Berlin's Zionskirche in March 2021, i.e. at the end of a long lockdown winter. In the installation work for six loudspeakers, Ergün works with long-drawn-out tones and melodic fragments sung by the countertenor Rupert Enticknap. The feeling of forlornness and loneliness can hardly be shaken off during these roughly 44 minutes, but the recording of the performance from the church included in the download version underlines how significantly the context of a work can change its meaning: the four-second resonance time of the church interior and the ever-present soundscape of the outside world give the piece a completely different spin. Where art is, people are not far away, perhaps this can be paraphrased—even in times of social distancing.