MimiCof – Distant Symphony (Karlrecords, LP/MC/digital)

Under the pseudonym MimiCof, Berlin-based artist Midori Hirano last explored the possibilities of analogue sound synthesis five years ago on the album »Moon Synch«, using a Buchla synthesiser from the EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm. The work on »Distant Symphony« for the Berlin institution Karlrecords, on the other hand, took her to Serbia, where she was able to get to grips with the EMS SYNTHI100 in the studio for electronic music at Radio Belgrade as part of a residency co-organised by the Heroines of Sound festival. The device, which is as massive as it is intricate, was only produced in small numbers and offers a hybrid of analogue and digital synthesis. For the three pieces on her album, Hirano used individual samples that exemplify the specific sounds of the instrument and arranged them in three longer tracks to create full-fledged compositions. In these, the focus lies sometimes on tonal qualities, sometimes on rhythmic figures, but all of them sound incomparable—which, however, is due less to the instrument and more to its user.