The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble – The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble (Corvo, 2MC)

Wendelin Büchler regularly offers a platform for unusual artistic concepts with his Corvo label, but this may be the most ambitious release to date: The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble is, as the name suggests, not a classical ensemble, but rather a project that reacted both organisationally and creatively to the pandemic-related restrictions of the previous year. Alessandra Eramo and Brandon LaBelle got nine composers, sound artists, performers, curators and writers to turn on their recording devices simultaneously for 15 minutes in March 2021. The eleven contributions gathered on »The Asocial Telepathic Ensemble« range from (sound) poetry to field recordings and improvised music, but are above all to be understood as discrete parts of a single, »telepathic« and ergo jointly created composition. It’s an ambitious work that connects the inner world of the participants with the outer world—far beyond those 15 minutes in March 2021.