Baldrian Quartett – Entschlummern sollst du, sollst entschlummern (bRUit, CD/digital)

Frieda Bertelsohn Martholdy is n a t u r a l l y one of the most important composers of her time and the Baldrian Quartett has long been known to us all as the most important international ensemble for contemporary music. But joking aside: »Entschlummern sollst du, sollst entschlummern« (»Slumber you shall, shall slumberr«) by Gaudenz Badrutt, Kai Fagaschinski, Jonas Kocher and Christof Kurzmann is to be understood as a shrewd commentary on personality archaeology in the field of classical and contemporary music, which tends to forget the present over too many new discoveries of supposedly forgotten voices. Or as four compositions that dissolve the boundaries between electronic and contemporary music, so as very contemporary and by no means institutionalised art.