Pauline Oliveros – Quantum Listening (Ignota, Book)

Pauline Oliveros would have turned 90 in May, which was honoured with numerous new music releases and reissues and now also the slim but dense book »Quantum Listening«. The introduction was written by Oliveros' partner IONE and the foreword by Laurie Anderson, while the artist Aura Satz contributed illustrations. These three facts alone should be more than striking selling points. The text as such then is to be understood as a manifesto that illuminates the social and thus also activist potentials of Oliveros' »Sonic Meditations« and, of course, of the practice of Deep Listening developed by her. It is an appeal for more compassion and peace—attentive, mindful listening in togetherness. Given the mind-numbing noise of these days, it is, in short, a highly topical book.