Julius Eastman – Femenine (Sub Rosa, CD/digital)

It is very fortunate that the work of the composer Julius Eastman has received more attention in recent years. However, this does not make up for the great injustices that the US-American had to experience within the New York avant-garde scene, nor does it change the fact that Eastman died far too early in absolute poverty and many of his works are lost forever.

At least now, the few compositions that have survived are being made accessible to a broad public. After reissues of his works by labels such as Frozen Reeds and Blume as well as lecture-performances about Eastman's life and work by Jace Clayton, the French ensemble 0 has re-recorded Femenine for Sub Rosa. It is a marvelous recording of the piece, which until recently was only available in a version put on tape in 1974.