Releases of the Month, April 2021

Nothing happens and yet time passes. The fact that the world is turning at all can only be read from the position of the sun, as long as we can see it behind all those grey clouds anyway. But appearances are deceptive, because things are happening indeed: in April, too, a lot of new releases with fantastic music came out everywhere and help us bringing the world out there indoors.

Australian artist Alexandra Spence, for example, travelled to Vancouver and Hong Kong, the Czech-Slovak group Banausoi gives us the feeling of witnessing a real live performance (remember those?) on their debut album »Imagines« and Lea Bertucci tramps through the landscapes of the American continents.

We go even further afield with the book releases: Jayne Brown writes about »Black Utopias« and Bob Ostertag surveys the world via Facebook posts. Ghédalia Tazartès left said world only recently and unfortunately did not live to see the publication of »Quoi qu'il en soit,« comprising pictures from his so-called cabinet of curiosities. By the way, if this is not enough reading material: we are already excited about the first issue of a new magazine called fieldnotes (!) and also recommend the 500 pages strong sixth issue of Blank Forms as well as the Beirut-based a Dance Mag, which will soon report on upcoming online activities via its newsletter.