Alexandra Spence – A Necessary Softness (Room40, MC/digital)

Field recordings are much like postcards from other worlds and times. With her second album »A Necessary Softness« the Australian sound artist Alexandra Spence sends us four of them.

One of them, she says in a voice memo, comes from a place that was voted the worst tourist attraction in the world, or at least Vancouver in Canada - she is not so sure. Anyhow, the way she breaks the fourth wall with this casual announcement in the piece »Tidewater« makes it clear: Spence is not only committed to documenting sound, but also uses sound to connect herself as a performer with the world around her. »Tidewater« also relates to »Bell, Fern« on the B-side of the cassette released through Room40. This composition began in Hong Kong and thus at another time in another world, but it is to be understood as a direct answer. The other two pieces? Postcards whose titles - »Waves« and »Rain« - do not require any explanation by the artist.