Banausoi – Imagines (Circum-Disc/13 raw, LP/CD/digital)

You would think otherwise, but Banausoi is not a band with decades of experience, and instead a rather fairly young trio. Petr Vrba, Václav Šafka and Ondrej Zajac describe themselves as a »Czechoslovak musical think tank« and in addition to a number of concerts had only one release to their name so far.

However, their debut album »Imagines« completed during lockdown(s), shows the three of them as a well-rehearsed team and masters of free improvisation. Whether heated noise rock borrowings, screeching free jazz or gentle sounds that take on ambient character here and sound like imaginary folk tunes there: across these six pieces, the interplay between the musicians is as elegant and to the point as the result is stylistically wide-ranging and open-ended. »Imagines« achieves the rare feat of sounding thoroughly composed down to the last detail and yet as if played out of the moment. There is probably no better surrogate for live concerts to be had, at least in this season.