Releases of the Month, May 2021

Everything is loosening up, getting ready for summer – only the weather in Berlin is far from being so determined. But that will change as well, for sure, and maybe an arduous 14 months will be followed by a well-deserved beautiful summer and hopefully an even better future. The kind with concerts, togetherness and everything else that has been missing.

In the meantime, we pass the rainy days with music and books since those have also rained down on us in May. We start with the little drops: after Martina Bertoni recently released a new album on Karlrecords, she now put out a new mastered version of her EP The Green via her Bandcamp account that includes a bonus track. And Hanno Leichtmann has released the fifth edition of his Picture/Disk series, a collaboration between Sea and the Cake members Sam Prekop and John McEntire. More information about the ultra-limited 7" can be found on his website. Speaking of homepages: Ute Wassermann has a new one, and if you take a look at it, you should as well give an ear to her recent collaboration album with Joke Lanz.

Also new: The online platform Various Artists was founded by people affiliated to the Swiss magazine zweikommasieben and the label Präsens Editionen. A release on Präsens Editionen is also included in our releases of the month, along with new music by Amirtha Kidambi & Matteo Liberatore, Microtub and Okkyung Lee, among others, as well as books by Peter Brötzmann and Sven-Åke Johansson, plus »Virtual Music. Sound, Music, and Image in the Digital Era,« a highly topical academic work by Shara Rambarran.