Microtub – Sonic Drift (Sofa Music, LP/CD/digital)

Two years after their last release on the Berlin label Bohemian Drips, Martin Taxt, Peder Simonsen and Robin Hayward are now back on Sofa Music with their fifth album under the name Microtub. The first of the two pieces, the titular »Sonic Drift« was originally composed by Hayward for the predecessor Chronic Shift and is inspired by the acoustic conditions in the water tower in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. »The Pederson Concerto,« on the other hand, is a collective composition that is underpinned by a Moog synthesiser played by its quasi-name giver. Both have an urgency in common, and are by skilful rhythmic modulations – there is a certain dramatic quality to this quiet and subtle music. The trio has clearly not yet exhausted the possibilities of microtonal tuba playing and instead stretched them out one more time with relish.