Bredbeddle – Steps on the Turning Year (Bezirk Tapes, 2MC/digital)

What composition begins with sustained organ tones, lets Big Ben melodies emerge in between and ends in Xenakis-like, atonal chaos? Correct: none, actually. That’s because »To and Fro,« the first piece on Steps on the Turning Year, is not a composition, at least in the strictest sense of the word, although the applause at the end of the 27-minute track would lead one to think that this is a recording of its premiere. Instead, the piece is a collage created by the artist Rebecca Lee, active under the name Bredbeddle, using a computer, a record player and a CD player. She found the source material for the four considerably long album pieces—»To and Fro« is the shortest of the bunch—in the archives of the BBC, on scattered vinyl records and CDs from her own media library adorned with post-it notes, and even on the part of her hard drive dedicated to her own pieces. Lee brings all these disparate elements into a seductive flow, using loops with incredible skill and at times blending materials that are in tonal and stylistic friction with each other to create new musical moiré effects through the use of old (and sometimes suspiciously familiar) material. In this way, she creates her own idiosyncratic narratives. Though methodologically postmodern, Lee succeeds in writing new meta-narratives with her source material, which makes for an extraordinary listening experience on this extremely stimulating release.