LUX:NM – Dark Lux (Genuin, CD/digital)

Dark Lux was a mammoth project: together with composer Gordon Kampe, author Sarah Trilsch, artist Florian Japp and Jan Brauer of Brandt Brauer Frick, LUX:NM delved into the deepest layers of the unconscious—where even the light seems dark. The ensemble, founded and directed by Ruth Velten and Silke Lange, has reemerged from the depths with an audio piece that premiered live in 2018 and now finally exists in physical and digital form as a recording. On it, it becomes audible that this piece also unfolds its full effect detached from the impressive stage show and its visual background. Through spoken passages (»Dunkel, dunkel, Dunkeldeutschland!«), extremely eerie reinterpretations of older material such as an Italian lullaby and the use of manifold acoustic and electronic sound sources, including drones (Helicopters? So passé!), a sonic and musical diversity unfolds over the course of Dark Lux that is unparalleled and literally unheard of. And although, especially after the past 15 months, a 22-step journey through the abysses of the human psyche doesn't necessarily seem appealing, it's a real pleasure to let yourself be pulled deep down by this music.