Angus Carlyle & Cathy Lane – Sound Arts Now (Uniform, Buch)

Sound Arts Now is the third joint book project by Angus Carlyle and Cathy Lane. Like with its predecessors On Listening and In the Field: The Art of Field Recording, the two are less concerned with defining their subject as coherently as possible than with rewriting it from a poly-perspective. They achieve this by stringing together interviews with artists and curators from the field of sound arts—emphasis on the plural of the term. The twenty interviews with Elsa M'bala, Hong-Kai Wong, Jennifer Walshe, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Maria Chavez and Mikhail Karikis, among others, not only question traditional definitions of sound art, but also problematise who, under what conditions, is given the right to interpret an extremely diverse range of artistic practices and aesthetic concepts. In this sense, the book, published by Uniform, is to be understood as a socio-political intervention as much as it provides insights into the individual working methods of the interviewees.