Kei Watanabe – Whisperings (Syrphe, CD/digital)

Cedrik Fermont is releasing a whopping six new albums in one fell swoop at the end of July via his Syrphe label. In addition to a solo release by Fermont himself, his improvisations with Marie Takahashi, a collaboration between Elisabetta Lanfredini and Nicolas Wiese under the name The Pond and the Iranian-Romanian (file) exchange program between Nyctalllz + Agdistiz, this also includes »Whisperings« the debut album by sound artist Kei Watanabe. The six pieces were created within the last four years in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo and the German capital. They are characterised on the one hand by Watanabe's voice and a very open, improvisational understanding of the interplay between the different sound qualities of looped and manipulated sounds on the other. In one moment singing bowls emerge, in another a guitar is clearly audible and yet it is usually not quite clear where the sound actually comes from. This gives »Whisperings« a somnambulistic, acousmatic atmosphere, which at times drifts into driving minimalist rhythms, sometimes even recalling forms from the realm of folk and pop music. Ultimately, however, »Whisperings« opens up a cosmos all its own, enigmatic and beautiful at the same time.