Saba Alizâdeh – I May Never See You Again (30M, Vinyl/digital)

When Saba Alizâdeh released his debut album »Scattered Memories« via the Berlin label Karlrecords in 2017, it was received with great enthusiasm. On it, the son of the world-renowned composer Hossein Alizâdeh brought together the sounds of the kamantsche, a spiked violin used in classical Iranian music, with exciting electronic textures. The follow-up is called »I May Never See You Again« and is released on the Hamburg imprint 30M, which was founded in 2020 and specialises in the work of Iranian composers. On the album, Alizâdeh further differentiates the interplay of his virtuoso playing with elements from electronic music, field recordings and musique concrète. In addition, there are guest appearances that broaden the palette: the musician Andreas Spechtl from the band Ja, Panik can be heard on two pieces, and the Vienna-based sound artist Rojin Sharafi collaborates with Alizâdeh on a gruelling piece that is aptly titled »Hybrid.« All this makes »I May Never See You Again« yet another sensational album.