Christoph Dallach – Future Sounds. Wie ein paar Krautrocker die Popwelt revolutionierten (Suhrkamp, Buch)

Krautrock was when the students of the post-war avant-garde wanted to reinvent pop music on their own terms. While there is no shortage of literature on bands like CAN, Neu! or the various iterations of Amon Düül, the German-language book published by Christoph Dallach, »Future Sounds. Wie ein paar Krautrocker die Popwelt revolutionierten« (»Future Sounds. How a few Krautrockers Revolutionised the Pop World«), published by Christoph Dallach, offers a very lively insight into the history of this movement and, incidentally, the minds of some of its central figures, including the late Jaki Liebezeit and Holger Czukay. As a supplement to similar book projects such as »Electri_City« about the Düsseldorf music scene of the seventies and eighties or the style-defining oral history of the New German Wave, »Verschwende deine Jugend,« »Future Sounds« is immensely worthwhile.