Kikommando (PAN, book+digital)

The Ugandan capital Kampala has long been a hotspot for electronic music. The collective Nyege Nyege was founded there and runs two labels as well as organising a local festival. Moreover, it is stylistically open and eager to facilitate as many international collaborations as possible. The book, video and music project »Kikommando« began with a residency by the Italian producer Simone Trabucchi, better known under his pseudonym STILL. Together with eight very different vocalists from the Nyege-Nyege environment, from rappers to trumpeters-turned-singers, he recorded as much music as possible, the end result of which is now accompanied by a »visual mixtape« in the form of music videos and a photo book. In this way, Trabucchi on the one hand reviews his time on the ground, just as »Kikommando« as a whole on the other hand throws a spotlight on the bustling scene in Kampala.