Releases of the Month, September 2021

Who would have thought that a US late-night show host wouldn’t be able to wrap his head around Peter Brötzmann! When Jimmy Fallon made fun of Brötzmann's 1969 album »Nipples,« it naturally caused a stir in the relevant circles. The free jazz legend took it in stride: »Aah , don't worry, a GREAT sign of ignorance and stupidity, love it,« he wrote in an email to Heather Leigh. Perhaps he could also take it as a compliment: more than half a century after the release of his first albums, they continue to be perceived as unconventional. And isn't that what free jazz always wanted to be?

How even supposedly difficult art can build bridges to a broader audience was demonstrated by the past month of contemporary music, which this year was characterised by approaches to filling public space with unusual sounds, such as a disused airport, or, as in the case of katrinem's project BerlinBesenBallett, to make the ordinary aesthetically tangible. The Sound Walk Berlin, on the other hand, invited residents and visitors of the capital to experience the city anew from a sonic perspective. Quite a few of the events revolved around social issues that really concern everyone living in this city - also and especially after an election that will reshuffle the cards for cultural and urban life.

How cultural venues in particular can fulfil a cultural and social function at the same time, and indeed what the cultural venue of the future should look like was also the topic of a talk organised by field notes entitled »Stages of TomorrowMusic Pool Berlin co-founder Andrea Goetzke, Field Kitchen Academy organiser Ece Pazarbaşı and the artistic director of the Radialsystem Matthias Mohr discussed this at length. A recording of the conversation as well as a supplementary essay by Goetzke will soon be published on our homepage, just as preparations for the upcoming November/December issue of the magazine are already in full swing. There is a lot to do!

In the meantime, we recommend 15 music and three print releases to get you through the autumn. Some of them will certainly puzzle late-night show hosts for decades to come, but some of them will just as well be accessible even to inexperienced listeners and readers. Diversity is key!