Sarah Davachi – Antiphonals (Late Music, LP/CD/MC/digital)

Sarah Davachi is very fast at composing slow music. »Antiphonals« is her 17th solo album since 2013, and what is perhaps even more impressive is that the US composer actually played every instrument on it herself. At the centre is a mellotron that works with sounds of various orchestra instruments, but also electric and acoustic organs, synthesizers, piano, guitar, strings and Davachi's own voice. However, this is probably less due to the time of the album's creation between February and December of the pandemic year 2020, but rather a result of Davachi attempting to proactively unite various techniques from her performance practice and her everyday studio life. Indeed, »Antiphonals« also feels more lively in the live music sense of that word than many other recordings from the composer's impressive back catalogue. Tape hiss pervades the pieces, which are primarily dedicated to a minimalist drone approach, but also make room for repetitive structures and the occasional classical melody and harmony. In its entirety, »Antiphonals« constructs an acoustic hall of mirrors, constantly blurring the lines between a tangible sonic presence and an atmosphere akin to dream logic.