Ensemble d’oscillateurs – 2 Transcriptions (Oliveros • Pade) (LINE, digital)

The posthumous acknowledgement of the groundbreaking work of Pauline Oliveros continues to run at full speed even five years after the death of the deep listening pioneer, mostly thanks to the US-based label Important Records. The situation is different in the case of the Danish composer Else Marie Pade, who died only a few months before Oliveros, which is why the release of interpretations of Oliveros's »Jar Piece« and Pade's »Faust« by the Ensemble d'oscillateurs, founded by sound artist Nicolas Bernier, comes just in time. The pieces on »2 Transcriptions (Oliveros • Pade),« each recorded with ten oscillators, are accompanied by a digital book containing not only the ensemble scores but also texts by Bernier as well as Guillaume Boutard and Caroline Traube. A comprehensive, beautiful tribute to two exceptional, visionary minds.