Machinefabriek – Re​:​Moving (Music for Choreographies by Yin Yue) (Geist im Kino, CD/digital)

The Geist im Kino imprint of the British label Phantom Limb specialises in so-called rescores of avant-garde films that were thought to have been forgotten. Even though it refers to a different art form, also the most recent entry fits in well: Rutger Zuydervelt's compositions for two dance choreographies by Yin Yue lead a similarly haunting life of their own like the new soundtracks to old films after the performances were cancelled due to the pandemic. The two pieces compiled on »Re:Moving (Music for Choreographies by Yin Yue)« are stylistically diverse. But the floating soundscapes, hard electronic beats and blurry string sounds by Anne Bakker are dramaturgically skilfully brought into a flow by the Dutchman, who releases most of his music under the Machinefabriek moniker. These pieces may not have set bodies in motion, but they certainly will stimulate the mind while listening.