Releases of the Month, October 2021

Earlier this month, Andrew Pekler presented a slightly different kind of site-specific composition: »Browser Music 1« is a composition split over four different YouTube videos (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four). These videos are supposed to be played simultaneously, but not necessarily in sync. But then why not create a website on which all four tracks are randomly layered? This, in turn, makes it possible to consider the piece to be a witty commentary on our contradictory consumer behaviour in digital environments: whether with meditation apps, ad blockers or other tools—the title of Pekler's work possibly also alludes to Brian Eno's »Ambient 1«—we try to counteract sensory overload by resorting to more and more tools.

Wasn't it similar when suddenly the first events were coming up again and we tried to relieve our inner restlessness that had built up over the times of curfews and contact restrictions by throwing ourselves back into (cultural) life to the fullest? Either way, live music is (still) back and our calendar for the coming weeks and months is already full of highlights. In a bundled, concentrated and therefore guaranteed not to be overwhelming form, they can be read—both digitally and on patient paper—in the new, 24th issue of field notes, available shortly.

In view of the abundance of new music releases, it was almost more difficult to pick just 15 highlights. Which is why we didn't do that, but expanded the list of our Releases of the Month a bit. Although new albums by, among others, vocal artist Phew, folk remixer Tripp Shrub or new LP on the jazz label We Insist still fell by the wayside, the following 19 albums and three books should provide more than enough food for thought for the coming month and beyond. And because artists still need all the support they can get, we advise bookmarking each album rather than just opening it in the next new tab. Otherwise it will get lost among all the other ones.