Atsuko Hatano – Cells #5 (Cassauna, MC/CD/digital)

A few months ago, John Brien turned his back on vinyl. The reason: waiting times were too long. Since then, he has been releasing reissues of Pauline Oliveros recordings on cassette via his label Important Records and also puts more emphasis on its tape sublabel Cassauna. A stroke of luck, no doubt! Because in addition to exciting new releases by Sahba Sizdahkani and Saint Abdullah, he is also reissuing Atsuko Hatano's »Cells #5« album, previously only available on CD in tape format. On this album, the Japanese violinist and composer pursues a unique approach: various instrumental recordings are overlaid with more and more string recordings in a lengthy process. The result of this three-year work on the pieces is at once intangible and yet extremely dense—whimsical yet wonderful. The kind of album that is rarely heard. All the better then that Hatano's previous work »Cells #2« will soon be reissued by Cassauna as well.