Catherine Graindorge – Eldorado (tak:til, LP/CD/digital)

What actually makes music uncanny? There may be many answers to this question, but in the case of »Eldorado« it is all the stories that Catherine Graindorge processes on this largely wordless album. Through the expressive compositions of the violinist and violist haunt the ghosts of her own father and of a woman who escaped the atrocities in Rwanda, only to die of heart failure in Graindorge's home country of Belgium only a few days after her safe arrival. But just as in the densely layered nine tracks that sometimes are framed by discreet rhythms, there are also light moments that served as inspiration—there’s a reason this album is called »Eldorado,« after all. Over the course of almost 40 minutes and across textural drones or even the occasional flirt with conventional song structures, Graindorge unravels emotional tipping pictures that sound just as haunting and direct as they subtly reverberate in the psyche. Uncanny music, no doubt.