Julia Reidy – How to Spot a Rip (Tokuroku, digital)

Through the digital label Tokuroku, Café Oto released exclusive recordings of a variety of musicians over the course of the pandemic to raise money for them as well as the London venue itself. One of the last entries came courtesy of the Berlin-based guitarist Julia Reidy, who indirectly processes her Australian heritage on »How to Spot a Rip«: it's inspired by rip currents that cause dangerous accidents time and again. »When many different currents are pulling in different directions, a rippling effect is created on the water's surface,« Reidy explains in the accompanying note to her 16-minute piece, which uses four unamplified electric guitars to transfer the physical movements into tonal space by changing the tuning of the strings. Conceptually, this is sometimes reminiscent of Alvin Lucier, and the realisation of this simple idea with all its complex results implies a similar listening experience—gently and slowly, the ear is led through the most diverse states.