Felicity Mangan – Bell Metal Reeds (One Instrument, MC/digital)

The concept behind the One Instrument label is already fully explained by its name: Berlin-based composer Aimée Portioli, better known under her pseudonym Grand River, regularly invites musicians to compose with an instrument of their choice, prohibiting only the use of all effects with the exception of reverb and not allowing sampling, but allowing everything else. For »Bell Metal Reeds,« sound artist and composer Felicity Mangan, also based in Berlin, focused on a harmonica, the Echo Harp by the Hohner company. Under the hands or rather in front of the mouth of the Australian, the flea market find becomes a sound generator for four pieces that masterfully conceal their origin. Throughout the album, it sounds rather as if Mangan had written elaborate electronic music permeated by discreet rhythms and pulsating drones equipped with a whole range of devices. The fact that this is not the case is as impressive as the actual music itself.