Diana Romanova – Excercice d'écoute non​-​humaine (Klammklang, Zine/digital)

The sound researcher Diana Romanova lives in the Russian town of Shcholkovo a few hours' drive outside Moscow and presumably has the necessary peace there to think about listening. Her new album on the Klammklang label at least is called »Excercice d'écoute non-humaine,« a non-human listening exercise. The five pieces on it are based on field recordings and seem to neither follow a narrative nor depict certain situations—rather, in the first place the main focus probably lies on leaving such demands on sound behind. The format of this unusual release also speaks for this: a bundle of six different zines full of illustrations and graphics that at times seem abstract and geometric or yet contingent and tangible. Experimental arrangements for non-human music? Or even more an attempt to question human visual behaviour just as rabidly? Answering these questions requires some effort, but in the end it is rewarded.