Magda Mayas + Tina Douglas – Objects of Interest (Room40, CD+book/digital)

New month, a whole bunch of new Room40 releases. In November, Lawrence English put out new music by Marina Rosenfeld and Olivia Block, among others, on his label, but with »Objects of Interest« also released a special joint project by Magda Mayas and the artist Tina Douglas, who provided the Berlin-based musician with graphic scores, which she in turn interpreted musically in January of this year, i.e. in the deepest of lockdowns, using the piano, a clavinet, a Rhodes and, since nomen est omen, various objects. Afterwards, Mayas has also performed with the graphic scores, which are included in the CD release as a booklet and rounded off by a discussion between the two, in Berlin, but has repeatedly deviated from the recordings. Like Douglas' scores themselves, which oscillate between tangible concreteness and hazy abstraction, nothing is musically set in stone. This is also true of the 14 recorded tracks, which mediate between demanding sound events and gentle musicality. An excerpt from one of Douglas' works, by the way, can also be seen on the cover of the current issue of field notes.