Spectres III. Ghosts in the Machine (Shelter Press, book)

A spectre is haunting the world of contemporary music, and for the third time already. In »Spectres III. Ghosts in the Machine / Fantômes dans la machine«, the French (music) publisher Shelter Press once again brings together essays by figures from the world of experimental, electronic and contemporary music in English and French. The content focus here is on questions of artificial intelligence and its application in the artistic process. The Berlin-based cellist Lucy Railton, for example, interviews the engineer and composer Peter Zinovieff, who sadly passed away in June this year, Florian Hecker writes about his electroacoustic work »FAVN« and so on and so forth. The »Spectres« series remains unique both in its choice of topics and the curation of the contributions, providing important impulses from the most diverse directions, impulses that will resonate for a long time to come.