Sheng Jie 盛潔 & Shen Jing 沈靜 – Parallel Weaving (WV Sorcerer Productions, LP/digital)

With her album 2020 »卵生 Oviparity«, Sheng Jie delighted critics and fans with cello compositions that mediated between a demanding improvisational spirit and inspiration from the Bön religion. Not infrequently, this bordered on noise and drone music, at times reminiscent of the radical improvisations of Okkyung Lee. Together with drummer Shen Jing, Sheng now presents five even more radical pieces on the WV Sorcerer label. The title of »Parallel Weaving« is to be understood literally: the harsh and distorted sounds of Sheng's cello and Shen's drumming, with added gamelan and other percussion elements, intertwine, but equally get entangled from time to time. It is hard to believe that this music was not created on the stage of a smoky club, but in an international exchange between Beijing and London. The result is certainly not for the faint at heart, but who still belongs to this group after two years in this bloody pandemic?