Kaj D. David and Assaf Gidron – KJAM3 - Scores for Studios (Love Records, PDF)

As part of the Goethe-Institut's »Virtual Partner Residency«, Berlin-based composer Kaj Duncan David and his New York-based colleague Assaf Gidron did what many others did during the first months of the pandemic: They sent texts back and forth to each other. Unlike in most other cases, however, this resulted in an album. »KJAM3 - Scores for Studios« comes with the text-based scores of this unusual project. At least superficially, those seem simple enough at first: one partner gave concise instructions such as to collect nine different samples on Spotify according to a meticulous method and to produce a track of 3 minutes and 33 seconds with those, and the other partner followed suit. As dogmatic as the scores may seem at times, the results seem boundaryless and light-footed. Even more reason to try following them yourself, since the creative limitations as well as the strict methodology that come with them seem to have given David and Gidron the chance to develop their own artistic signature with their pieces.