crys cole – A Piece of Work (Second Editions)

Sound artist crys cole has been anything but idle in recent years. In 2021 alone, she released an album from her joint project with James Rushford, Ora Clementi, as well as a collaboration with Black Truffle founder Oren Ambarchi, and the cassette »Other Meetings«, arguably one of the most haunting artistic explorations of the accelerated standstill brought on by the pandemic. »Other Meetings« already brought together recordings from different places and times into a coherent flow, and »A Piece of Work« for Second Editions cole proceeds in a similar way. The title is to be taken literally: three years have passed between the original commission by the Glasgow station Radiophrenia and its first performance. During this time, cole has continued to work on the composition, which in its final form allows sometimes very concrete, sometimes very abstract and yet always discrete sounds to intertwine. In this way, she succeeds in dissolving space and time in a narrative. That must have been quite a piece of work indeed. But it was obviously worth the effort.