Oksana Linde – Aquatic and Other Worlds (1983-1989) (Buh)

In recent decades, a veritable run on the archives of supposedly forgotten composers of electronic music or composers working outside traditional music industry structures has developed. However, the focus is often on North America and Europe. The Lima-based label Buh has recently, alongside contemporary releases by the Berlin-based sound artist Ale Hop, among others, focused increasingly on making Latin American and indigenous music in an avant-garde context newly available. With the extensive compilation »Aquatic and Other Worlds«, it now pays tribute to Oksana Linde, a Venezuelan-born daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who, from the early 1980s onwards, created new worlds with a steadily growing pool of synthesizers and other electronic devices. Linde's music is in the tradition of pioneers like Delia Derbyshire, but it is also reminiscent of the sound of the Berlin School around groups like Tangerine Dream or the unbounded synthetic fantasies of Pauline Anna Strom. These twelve pieces are permeated by a unique curiosity about the infinite musical possibilities that were inscribed in the electronic equipment, which was brand new at the time and available for the first time at moderate prices. A very welcome new discovery or rediscovery, depending on how you look at it.