Releases of the Month, March 2022

Listening to music means taking in unknown perspectives, even if only for a few minutes. Why this is important is also underlined by global political developments. Because every change of perspective also brings new insights into cultures that were previously perhaps foreign and unknown, and provides a deeper understanding of the world as a whole. A look at the releases of the month of March shows what a benefit this can be.

A compilation of works by composer Oksana Linde demonstrates that the triumph of sound synthesis in the 1980s also provided inspiration beyond North America and Central Europe and brought forth new musical approaches, while the El Khat project with its experimental adaptations of Yemeni music underscores the immense potential of contemporary interpretations of traditional forms.

These are joined by artistic brief but comprehensive visits to Borneo and Scandinavian islands, Iran and, last but not least, the heteropias of a Natasha Barrett or the integration of sonic elements from different times and places into a single »Piece of Work« by crys cole. There is much to learn from this music.