Federica Bueti, Antonia Alampi, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Hrsg.) – We Have Delivered Ourselves From the Tonal – Von, mit, zu, über Julius Eastman (Archive Books, Buch)

The anthology »We Have Delivered Ourselves From the Tonal – Of, Towards, On, For Julius Eastman« was published last year by Archive Books in a German and an English version. In view of the continuing interest in the artist, who died in 1990, and several new editions or new recordings and performances of his works in major concert halls, it’s well worth cracking it open once more. Just earlier this month, the Sub Rosa label followed up the CD »Three Extended Pieces For Four Pianos« with the LP »Two Extended Pieces For Four Pianos«. Even more spectacular than the reissues of these fairly new recordings is the release of »Stay On It«, which, in addition to the title piece, also includes a recording of »The Holy Presence Of Joan D‘Arc«—both recorded during the composer's lifetime. These historical documents make reading the anthology all the more worthwhile. George E. Lewis, Kodwo Eshun, Memory Biwa & Robert Machiri and, last but not least, Eastman's companion and confidante Mary Jane Leach open up a multitude of perspectives on a man and his work that is only now receiving the attention it deserves.