Stephan Bögel
So, 13/01/2019, 16:00 Uhr
Musiktheater / Oper / Kinder und Jugendliche

Das Geheimnis der blauen Hirsche

Musiktheater für alle ab 5 Jahren

It was an afternoon like any other. Mama and Lena were sipping tea. Lena was gazing at a vase on the table. All of a sudden the deer appeared. Lena watched as 13 tiny blue deer emerged from the vase and trotted across the table. Lena heard the patter of their little hooves on the table’s surface. They arranged themselves in a row in front of Lena. “Mistress!”, they whispered. “Mistress!” From that day onwards Lena had a secret. It was as if there was a little sun glowing within her. But her sun clouded over when her brother Raff was standing in front of her. Raff, who sometimes lost his temper. And who had his own secret…
THE SECRET OF THE BLUE DEER is a poetic tale about the power of fantasy. The secret of the deer gives Lena self-confidence, even though the blue animals are rarely to be seen. As Lena’s inner strength grows, so she begins to pluck up the courage to confront her irascible brother. The story of this unequal pair of siblings, who communicate through their respective dream worlds and in the real world, too, come to a better mutual understanding, is narrated, sung and performed by a puppeteer, a singer and two musicians. Arias and instrumental pieces by Italian baroque composers create their own additional fantasy spaces.

Annechien Koerselman, Regie, Konzept
Gildas Coustier, Objektbau
Mathias Becker, Objekttheater
Meechot Marrero, Sopran
Elda Laro, Tasteninstrumente
Noa Niv, Euphonium

Musik von Georg Friedrich Händel und Neukompositionen von Sebastian Hanusa; Text von Annechien Koerselman nach dem Buch „Lena und das Geheimnis der blauen Hirsche“ von Edward van de Vendel in der Übersetzung von Rolf Erdorf

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  • Tischlerei der Deutschen Oper Berlin
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