1) S. Tarozzi & D.Walker © Alfredo Anceschi 2) Voice-Skin @. J. van der Putten
Sa, 20/06/2020, 22:30 Uhr
Klangkunst / Sound Art / Komponierte Musik

Voice-Skin #1: A sound experience for voice and (electro)acoustics Janneke van der Putten//Silvia Tarozzi und Deborah Walker spielen "EXTREEMIZMS, early and late – Music by Philip Corner"

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Voice-Skin #1: A sound experience for voice and (electro)acoustics

Janneke van der Putten – voice, electronics (interface dress)
Werner Durand – plays wind instrumens for the piece „Ranzige Butter“

Voice-Skin #1: a sound experience for voice and (electro)acoustics' presents a performance around the boundaries and possibilities of the human voice in interaction with the Voice-Skin, a wearable acoustic interface. Unconventional vocal techniques and spatial resonances are mixed with (electro-)acoustic sounds that are transmitted and processed through the material surfaces and electronic components of the Voice-Skin. The movements of the vocalist will generate a spatial sound experience, in which the listeners will immerse themselves.

A production for voice and electroacoustics performed by vocalist Janneke van der Putten (NL), with compositions by Werner Durand (DE), Chrs Galarreta (PE) and Philemon Mukarno (NL/ID). Interface-dress designed by Jesse Howard (US) & Arden Rzewnicki (US).


EXTREEMIZMS, early and late – Music von Philip Corner
Performed by Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker

Silvia Tarozzi – violin
Deborah Walker – cello

Extremes are extreme, extremely. For Philip Corner a lifelong commitment to extremes – extreme expression, extreme beauty, extreme noise, extreme silence – developed a mastery of expression, each extreme can lead to all the others. The duo Silvia Tarozzi, violin, and Deborah Walker, cello, interpret early and late works by Philip Corner.

„Playing Philip's music is answering a constant question of going beyond the classic limits of interpretation, sound, personal and sometimes even physical investment. There is in his music a very strong push towards overcoming the limit, towards pushing himself to the extreme consequences of an idea. In working with him, we have experienced a strange and joyful mix of great freedom, desire to play with the parameters and "concepts" of music and extreme seriousness in assuming the rules of the game, in putting them into practice. Philip's music is full of ideas, creative, without preconceptions and curious, ironic. It is also essential in the forms in which it is proposed, but not minimalist!“ – Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker


Supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

  • Stücke für Voice Skin von: Werner Durand (DE), Chrs Galarreta (PE) und Philemon Mukarno (NL/ID)

Voice-Skin #1: A sound experience for voice and (electro)acoustics

Janneke van der Putten, Stimme, Electronics (Interface-Kleid)
Werner Durand, Wind Instrument, (bei Stück: "Ranzige Butter")

Stücke für Stimme und (Elektro-)Akustik präsentiert von der Sängerin J. van der Putten. Stimmtechniken und räumliche Resonanzen werden mit Klängen gemischt, die durch die elektronischen Komponenten eines „Interface-Kleids“ übertragen werden.

EXTREEMIZMS, early and late – Music by Philip Corner Aufgeführt von Silvia Tarozzi und Deborah Walker

Deborah Walker, Cello
Silvia Tarozzi, Violine

Philip Corner entwickelte eine lebenslange Verpflichtung zu Extremen – extremer Ausdruck, extreme Schönheit, extremer Lärm, extreme Stille . Das Duo Silvia Tarozzi und Deborah Walker interpretiert frühere und späte Werke Philip Corners.


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