Katelin Stiles (oben), Simon Rose (unten)
So, 23/08/2020, 20:00 Uhr
Improvisation / Konzert / Performance

ThePureVoiceAndTheDifferentDrum (DE) // Sung Rose

ThePureVoiceAndTheDifferentDrum (DE)
Silvia Sauer – vocal
Wolfgang Schliemann – percussion
Sung Rose
Youjin Sung (KR/DE) – gayageum
Simon Rose (UK/DE) – baritone saxophone
With voice and percussion ThePureVoiceAndTheDifferentDrum draws a musical bow from crude archaic intensity to impressive musical delicacy. The duo of vocalist Silvia Sauer and percussionist Wolfgang Schliemann moves closely to the sound material and unfolds it with a spacious gesture, blurring the boundaries between concert and performance. Their improvisational collaboration started 2013, also occasionally performing with Eiko Yamada (recorder) und Susanne Resch (saxophone) as SSYR – Systerhood of Breath meets Percussion Syrprise.
Youjin Sung and Simon Rose have approached their collaboration through open form improvisation. In this way the music has been produced through the act of performance. This process produces trans-disciplinary outcomes: the music formed is singular – viewed as its own thing – rather than hybrid or ‘cross-over’. The two met when Sung attended a quartet performance of Rose’s in Berlin last year. Sung’s curiosity about open form improvisation was matched by Rose’s long term interest in Korean music and the possibilities for improvisation suggested by the gayageum: the music’s sound formations, particular percussive approaches, rich sonorities and special sense of time. The encounter becomes an opportunity to explore these rich musical features together with the harmonics, multiphonics, and sonorous range of the baritone saxophone. Through this unusual instrumentation and shared process, Sung Rose is a genuinely international, inter-cultural collaboration.

ThePureVoiceAndTheDifferentDrum (DE)

Silvia Sauer, Stimme
Wolfgang Schliemann, Perkussion

ThePureVoiceAndTheDifferentDrum spannt mit Stimme und Trommel den Bogen von primitivster Archaik bis zu elaboriertester Klangfinesse. Das Duo der Vokalistin Silvia Sauer und des Perkussionisten Wolfgang Schliemann bewegt sich eng am Klangmaterial.

Sung Rose

Simon Rose (UK/DE), Baritonsaxofon

Youjin Sung und Simon Rose vertrauen in ihrer Zusammenarbeit von Anfang an auf offene Formen des Improvisierens. So entstand ihre Musik stets durch den Akt der Aufführung.


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