Sa, 01/01/2022, 23:59 Uhr

Allianz Kulturstiftung

Call for Projects

We provide funding for non-profit partners and projects that

  • have a high level of artistic and content quality
  • respond to challenges in society
  • adopt a translocal and cross-border approach
  • make Europe tangible through critical engagement and by means of constructive offerings and ideas
  • develop a concrete impact over the medium and long term and promote social cohesion within society
  • work across sectors and disciplines and facilitate sustainable networking between involved players and organisations
  • contribute to proactive knowledge production and transdisciplinary exchange of experiences
  • think in terms of intersectionality, inclusion and equitable participation and are committed to playing a proactive role in developing this mindset
  • are joint ventures between equal partners and empower upcoming young-generation protagonists and non-established players in their field
  • strike out on pathways with courageous ideas and innovative formats

The art of bringing Europe together | Call for Projects (

  • Einführung: Wir nehmen unterjährig Projektvorschläge entgegen