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Spartenoffene Förderung: Vierjährige Festivals und Reihen (2024 - 2027)

Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Festivals and Series (2024 - 2027)

Target Group:

These funds are intended primarily to foster festivals and series which have been an established part of Berlin’s cultural life for a number of years.
Natural persons and legal entities based in Berlin and professionally engaged in artistic or curatorial work are eligible to apply.


A central goal is to create long-term planning security for festivals und series which have already established a reputation for high quality, a specific profile and a thematic focus in Berlin’s cultural life.

With its 4-year funding programme, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe seeks to create a space for innovation and artistic development.

Applications may be submitted if you are planning a festival or series which

  • Has received public funds at least twice within the last 5 years
  • Is being developed and realized in Berlin and involves Berlin-based artists
  • Has developed a nationwide/an international reach (e.g. through collaboration, networks, project partners)
  • Generates new and trend-setting artistic momentum
  • Has a polycentric impact (e.g. by working with different spaces, in various boroughs and with several event formats)
  • Promotes networks (e.g., by working with different network partners, institutions and organisations)
  • Takes an inclusive approach

Eligibility and conditions:

  • The majority of artists involved in the project live and work in Berlin (registration in Berlin is mandatory) or the venue applying for funding is in Berlin.
  • Public funding (e.g. from the federal state, the federal government, a borough, the EU) must have been received at least twice within the last 5 years.
  • Previous experience with accounting for public funding is required.
  • Exhibition fees and minimum fees for artists must be taken into account in the financing plan (see “Empfehlungsblatt für Honoraruntergrenzen” – only in German).
  • Funded festivals and series have to be realized and visible in Berlin.
  • People with disabilities are legally entitled to full participation in cultural life, especially when it comes to access to cultural events and activities. If you are planning accessible events, please indicate the target group you would like to reach and how any expenses in pursuit of this goal are reflected in your financing plan.

Funding volume:

  • There is no minimum or maximum amount of funding.
  • Priority will be given to artistic productions. Applicants who are not receiving institutional funding can also apply for project-related support for rent and other running costs for personnel and material expenses.
  • The funding only covers expenses in Berlin or directly connected with the part of the project taking place in Berlin.
  • Funding is envisioned for a period of four years, but funds for the individual festivals and series are approved and paid out each year. Documentation of expenditures must be submitted after each year of funding.

Call for applications:

Calls for applications are announced every four years. Please pay close attention to the deadline in the information sheet (only in German).

Further information: