Mo, 28/02/2022, 18:00 Uhr



With STIP-II, Musikfonds launches another temporary scholarship programme. With additional funding of approximately 7 million euros from Neustart Kultur, only scholarships will be supported. The scholarships will be awarded for a period of six months, probably from May to October 2022, with a one-off amount of EUR 7,500 per person.

The scholarships are intended to enable artists from the current music scene to develop ideas for music in the period during and after the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic. This could include research work, concepts for music both in digital and public spaces, composition projects as well as projects for the further development of individual sound language and the production of media content. Funding is provided for artistic work on new projects. As a matter of principle, no foreign or academic scholarships are funded.

Detailed information can be found here: